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Subway Canada wants you to #CommittoFit #Contest


A few weeks ago I signed Subway’s Commit to Fit pledge.

The Commit to Fit program™  is a commitment you make to yourself to live a healthy and active lifestyle, and you do it on your own terms. It involves making good food choices while swapping old habits for new healthy ones. It not only involves nutrition, but exercise and stress management as well.

Carl Savard is Subway’s Commit to Fit™ ambassador – without following any diets, he lost 100 pounds in 10 months by learning to make better choice and becoming active. He managed to find a proper balance between work, family and work outs while choosing Subway as his restaurant of choice for his away-from-home meals.  He is now a certified personal trainer and wants to help others reach their health objectives as he did.

Carl suggests weekly challenges to keep things interesting and not too overwhelming. One healthy change a week.

I joined #CarlsCrew as part of a blogger outreach to commit to a 6-week fitness and health challenge with Carl. The 6-week challenge is really meant to motivate and kick-start a new lifestyle with coaching tips and advice along the way.

So what are a few of the things you can do to Commit to Fit™?

1. Start a fitness routine –  It doesn’t have to be a gym routine – 20 minutes a day of exercise to start, and it can be as easy as taking the dog for a walk or playing with your kid.

2. Make a fresh swap – exchange the mayo in your sandwich for mustard. Reach for water instead of pop.

3. Get a buddy – find someone who believes in your commitment to a healthier lifestyle and add them to your cheering section. This is a big change in your life, and having people encouraging you along the way will help you stay on track.

SUBWAY Restaurants can be part of your Commit to Fit™ lifestyle as a regular component of your balanced diet. Wanna win a $25 SUBWAY gift card? Click on the link below to enter the giveaway. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Follow SUBWAY on Twitter, or even better, click here to join me in the SUBWAY Commit to Fit Challenge.


  1. well we don’t deep fry anything at all anymore I bought an air fryer, we also try to include spinach in everything we cook its so versatile


  2. I will swap out soft drinks for water and take the stairs and park further away from the stores and lots more as most are very easy simple changes


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