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Get creative with Tree of Life Canada and win! #CONTEST

At the last Grocery and Specialty Food West 2015 Trade Show I was introduced to a product called Master of Mixes – a ready-made cocktail mix that contains premium juices and natural sweeteners. I loved the product, tasted it and experimented with it myself; and was impressed by the quality of it.


Turns out that the company that represents Master of Mixes, Tree of Life Canada, is one of the largest distributors of specialty and natural foods in Canada and they represent many premium brands, like Bottle Green Drinks, Angostura Bitters and Efferve. As an amateur mixologist, I took on the challenge to mix drinks with as many Tree of Life brands as I could.


I recruited my good friend and fellow cocktail aficionado Josh Rimer to help me taste test some of my creations. Hard job, I know. (If you’re here for the contest info, I’m getting to that. Trust me, it’s worth the wait).

DSC_0001I decided to start with an easy-to-make summer cocktail. A Gin Gimlet. A traditional Gimlet has gin, lime juice and soda. I decided to go for something a tad sweeter and use Bottle Green’s Lime Cordial and the London Dry gin from Long Table Distillery.

Both of these products are exceptional. I’m a big fan of Long Table, their gins are made in small batches using only the best botanicals. It’s also affordable and local too!

The result was my new favourite drink: The Green Table Ginni. 


This drink is as strong as it is tasty.

3oz Long Table London Dry Gin

1oz Bottle Green Lime Cordial

a squeeze of fresh lime juice

Mix all the ingredients on a shaker full of ice. Shake and serve on a chilled martini glass.

I will be sharing each cocktail (and recipe) every Saturday for the next nine weeks. And now for the contest part. Are you ready? I’ve patterned up with the folks at Tree of Life to give away…



That’s right, A MASTER OF MIXES BAR. Complete with stools, mixology towel, even an ice bucket and tongs.

How do you enter to win this beauty? Easy, follow this link: a Rafflecopter giveaway.

Good luck! Winner will be announced on August 29th, 2015 at 5pm.
Contests at


  1. My “go to” is a strong G & T !! (PS: I entered using my email, and it says I have 0 entries. I don’t, (& won’t) use twitter.


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