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DSC_0011Mary Sheridan loves good food and drink. Born in El Salvador, and raised in Nicaragua, Mexico City and Canada, she has an international palate. 

Mary is the founding member of Vancouver Bits and Bites. VBB was born after her father passed away –  he was a foodie on his own right, and most of the best memories she has of him were around a great meal and a good bottle of wine. This is her way of keeping the memory of her father alive; with each restaurant visit she asks herself: “would Joe like this?”

Aside from restaurants reviews, she writes about wines, cocktails and events around town. You’ll also find tips, photography and food posts from her travels.

Follow her on twitter @maryinvancity

DSC_0025Alice Wong was a picky eater growing up as a kid. Her Cantonese upbringing also made her particularly picky when it came to Chinese cuisine and sensitivity to flavors from around the world. Refining her taste buds, Alice has now developed her appreciation for various cuisines from around the world.

With travel accomplishments such as visiting all 5 Disney theme parks in the world in 2013, riding a Segway around Prague, exploring Chichen Itza in Mexico, walking the Great Wall in China, and spending 28 days driving through Canada and the USA, Alice has a long travel bucket list she hopes to continue to check off. She’s looking forward to sharing her travel adventures and tips with everyone.

Alice is also a strong supporter of live music and theatre – whether it’s attending a concert in the park, roaming theatre production or a Broadway show, she’s one of the first to be arranging to see a show.  You can also follow Alice on Twitter on her various adventures: @alicejhwong.

DSC_0001Silvia’s love of food, travel and culture has been imbedded since birth thanks to her parents. There was not a moment as a child that there was not a book to be read or a movie to be watched, and she loved every moment! Silvia still has a love of good food, tea, wine, travel, culture, books and movies and enjoys sharing this love with the world… Along with her new found passion for fitness.

Silvia was born in El Salvador and has spent her life living there, in Mexico and in Canada. She loves fitness and dance and is always looking out for new types of dance styles to learn and incorporate into her fitness classes. Her philosophy is that if it’s not fun it won’t get done so fun fitness is what she strives for!

You can find Silvia at bailamefitness.com. Follow her on twitter and Instagram @bailamefitness or on Facebook Facebook.com/bailamefit

daisy_bioDaisy is a yoga teacher and structural yoga therapist who loves her carob and cookies (croissants too!)! She enjoys creating green smoothie concoctions (spiked or otherwise), talking to her fur kid and spending time on her mat. Inspired by her yoga journey, she tries to bring positivity and motivation to every one of her classes and hosted events. A digital designer gone rogue, she swapped her pantones for a food processor one day and has never looked back.
Connect with her on Instagram or Facebook.


headshotAll work and no play is no fun at all. Though balancing multiple commitments can be challenging, Angela will always find time for good food. In the past few years, thanks to VANEATS.ca’s food adventures, she has discovered Vancouver’s incredible diverse and tasty restaurant scene. She has since compiled a restaurant hitlist, an extensive list of all the places she wants to try – except the list is growing faster than she can eat!
Angela drinks green tea, manages her own social media academy, and like any Vancouverite, loves biking the seawall on a sunny day. Follow her at @angelaytc on Twitter and Instagram!


propicFrom the tropical streets of the Philippines, Pia has always lived and loved the rain. She spent all that time indoors obsessing over books, visiting art museums, and hitting up any stage production she could get a ticket to. No story is too cheesy or too artsy for her. Pia happily watches community theatre, romcoms, Oscar bait, and that one weird Wes Anderson film no one wants to see with you.

Apart from her two rainy homes, Pia has travelled through Europe and South East Asia. The first thing she does in every new city is find a coffee shop and try the local brew.
Follow her Vancity escapades @piailim on Twitter.



  1. I’m a fan of the old Robson Arms series and I see the characters eating these cookies that they smack on their foreheads to break the chocolate coating before eating. Does anyone know what cookies they are?


  2. you guys have quite a diverse team of Vancouver experts here. Excited to hear more about your food adventures. Notice you haven’t been as active on Zomato recently eh.


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