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Tag: New York

Bateaux New York

“Le Bateaux” (The Boat) in English is one of the most fulfilling & seamless experiences you will ever have the pleasure of attending in New York City as far as […]

Lima’s Taste Ceviche Bar in New York

have to say I had very high hopes for Lima’s Taste. I love Ceviche and with this restaurant being in a fantastic location in Greenwich Village I was really looking […]

Shake Shack in New York

I miss New York. I had the best time there, and some pretty delicious meals. Everything in New York is done bigger and with a certain flair. Even a burger. […]

Caliente Cab Co. in the West Village

Caliente Cab Co. has several locations all over New York, but the one located on the corner of Bleecker Street & Seventh Avenue is the original one. The atmosphere is […]


My New York culinary adventures continue with a visit to Carmine’s in the theatre district. Carmine’s is a family-style Italian restaurant. What I mean by that is that Carmine’s focuses […]