It’s a Mad Mad Men World – Hosted by Canadian Club #CCMadMen

Being the marketing geek that I am, I love Mad Men. This AMC award-winning show follows the lives of Don Draper and the men of Sterling-Cooper-Draper-Pryce in Madison Avenue during the 1960’s early 70’s – the golden age of advertising.

New York City was a different beast back then. It was customary to drink before noon and have a bar in your office –  You can see a bottle of Canadian Club on the background of almost every scene. (It was also customary to hit on your assistant). The show is amazing. I love the dynamics of all the characters, and I mostly love the great campaigns they used to come up with. (Remember Revlon’s “Mark Your Man”? Classic).

So when Dunn PR sent an invite to experience Madison Avenue while drinking Canadian Club Cocktails – well, I was totally in!

The event took place at the iconic Terminal City Club on West Hastings. Gorgeous surroundings -perfect for the decadence the show is based on. Canadian Club hosted the event, and they had three classic CC cocktails for us to try: The Millionaire Manhattan, The Old Fashioned and The CC Sour. I LOVED the CC Sour. Such a great combination of CC Reserve, simple syrup and lemon juice.  Old advertising posters from the 60’s adorned the room.

There was a whiskey tasting bar and we had a chance to sample some fantastic Canadian Club whiskey. My favourite was the Canadian Club Classic – 12 year old whiskey – great notes of caramel and vanilla. Simply delicious.

The event was rounded up with delicious appetizers such as devilled eggs and cones stuffed with goat cheese and golden beets. Very 60’s inspired menu.

Season 5 of Mad Men ended with Don Draper going back to his womanizer ways. Stay tuned for season 6!


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