Wives and Daughters with UBC Theatre

I have always loved period dramas. For the longest time, Jane Austen was my favourite author. I must have watched Pride and Prejudice dozens of times growing up (Mr. Bingley over Mr. Darcy any day). So when I heard that UBC Theatre was putting on a romantic comedy set in the dreary 1800s English countryside, I was beyond excited!

Wives and Daughters had its world premier last Thursday, with a fantastic cast of graduating students playing out this charming adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell’s novel. Everything from the script, to the set design, to the costumes was a labour of love and came together beautifully on stage.

The play has strong themes of women and all the complicated relationships that have surrounded us even in this century. There’s a hint of Cinderella in the story, with stepsisters and stepmothers, but all the magic here comes from the wonderfully charming characters.

Wives and Daughters-Emily Cooper Photography- Sabrina Vellani, Daria Banujpg

Even from the promotional shots, you can see each character’s quirks. They even play live music on stage! Imagine that smarmy looking guy on the right prancing around with a violin. Definitely set the tone for the show.

Wives and Daughters- Emily Cooper Photography- Daria Banu-Louis Lin, Sabrina Vellani, Aidan Wright

All in all, this was a fantastic way to spend an evening, and the show is on until November 25th! If you want to laugh, to awww, and to support local theatre, click this link to buy a ticket.


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