Rio Brazilian Steakhouse

A few weeks ago, my friend @JKAManitoba came to visit. One of the things he wanted to try was Rio Brazilian Steakhouse on Denman.

This place is a carnivore’s paradise. Basically all-you-can-eat meat as far as the eye can see.  The meat comes to your table in large skewers by servers who cut it for you at table side. It’s a fun experience.


The prices for lunch are actually quite reasonable! $16.95 per person for a weekend lunch, $31.95 for dinner. We still had access to the hot and cold buffet for lunch, but no cheese biscuits or plantain chips. (Which are standard for dinner). The cold buffet had a nice selection of salads. One that deserves special mention is their version of a Waldorf salad – apples, celery in a creamy dressing. It was so good.


The meat came hard and fast –  We had several choices presented to us: top sirloin, lamb, chicken drumsticks, pork and sausages. This was in the space of an hour. Some of the cuts of meat were better than the others. I wasn’t crazy about the chicken, I found it dry and it lacked seasoning. They totally won me over with the sirloin – it was cooked to a medium rare perfection and aside from being just a little bit salty, it was delicious. The sirloin wasn’t overly fatty either, it was a really good cut of beef. The lamb was another one of my favourites, it was a good cut of meat that was well cooked, juicy and flavourful. The pork was ok –  I found it a tad dry. Sausages? gooood sausages…. I ate three of them myself :)


So would I go back? Probably. It was a decent lunch experience, and there aren’t many restaurants that cater to Jake’s paleo diet. Jake had a really good time. Me?  I”m curious about the dinner experience, so I’ll probably check them out for dinner next. @JKAManitoba really liked it, so if you have carnivore friends visiting, this is a good place to take them.

Follow them on Twitter: @RioVancouver 

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