Milestones’ New Summer Chef’s Menu

I haven’t been to a Milestones in awhile. So when I was invited to try out their new summer menu, I was intrigued.

Milestones has a reputation for great hospitality and good food. They’ve been part of the Vancouver restaurant scene for a very long time. Their seasonal menu is a great way to introduce new flavours and keeping things fresh for their customers.

The menu was paired up with some fantastic fine wines from the Okanagan Valley.


Chef Jason Rosso‘s creations have West Coast and Asian influences, like their crispy quinoa shrimp ($9.99).


This dish comes with a vegetable slaw and chimichurri aioli. The shrimp was a tad heavy on the quinoa, but it was crispy and the chimichurri aioli had a good creamy texture.  The shrimp was paired with a lovely Pinot Gris.

Continuing with the West Coast theme, Chef Rosso introduced to us to Milestones’ panko blue crab cakes ($11.99).


It’s such a treat to have real crab meat cakes, and it makes the world of difference when it comes to quality and taste. If you’re going to Milestones anytime soon, this is my top recommendation. The cakes were absolutely delicious. They came paired up with a fennel and arugula salad, and were complimented with a chipolte aioli.

Continuing with the Asian influences, next on the Chef’s menu is the spicy thai basil stir fry ($18.99).


The sauce was spicy and it over powered the coconut milk taste.  Love the lime and basil flavours together.  I found the noodles a tad soggy. This was my least favourite dish of the evening.

Another big hit at our table was the seared ahi tuna tataki salad ($18.99).


This dish was a success in so many levels: the tuna was perfectly seared and flavourful. The mandarin orange dressing was a great pairing for the summer salad, and the light fennel undertones were a big hit.  This is another one must order at Milestones. This dish was not only flavourful but it was beautiful to look at. Great presentation.


The main course was the surf and turf ($27.99) – flat iron steaks are making a big come back right now. The steak was paired with a lobster fricassee and for a minimal fee, you can upgrade your mashed potatoes to lobster mashed potatoes and it’s well worth it. They were fantastic. Don’t even think about it, just order it. So good.

Now this dessert was not on the menu – the avocado and lime tart –  It came paired with candied pecans and a balsamic vinegar reduction.


I like how Milestones is stepping up their game with this menu.  Great choices and flavours.

Disclaimer: I was a guest of Milestones – my meal was complimentary. My review are my own opinions and I was not expected to write it. 

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