The Must-Try Foods at the PNE for 2015

Food has always been an important part of the PNE experience, this year, with over 30% new food options and 71 vendors, there’s a wide array of new tasty dishes to try – from the outrageous to the healthy, there’s something for everyone at the PNE this year!


One of the most decadent treats to try is from a newcomer to the PNE this year: The Fried Veggies Stand – their creations are some of the wackiest and most outrageous at this year’s Fair – and their Maple Bacon Donut Burger (two maple glazed donuts, all-beef patty, american cheese and bacon), lives up to the hype.


Speaking of burgers, the Kiwanis food booth at the PNE is celebrating its 51st year. The Kiwanis Club is staffed 100% by volunteers, and all the proceeds goes to local East Vancouver charities. They also work with local schools, giving scholarships to Vancouver students.


The Kiwanis Booth is known for their Classic Logger Burger, or if you’re feeling more adventurous – their Bison Burger.


And while we’re still talking burgers – take it to the next level at the Gourmet Burger Stand, Where you can try this vegetarian delight: the Cactus Burger – roasted onions and red peppers, lettuce, cactus leaf, black beans, provolone cheese, roasted garlic mayo, sauteed mushrooms, lettuce, caramelized onion, and tomatoes.


Gourmet Burgers still carry other signature items, such a python sliders and camel and alligator burgers. Believe it or not, python does take just like chicken. A bit tougher, but a similar flavour.


Something worth trying at the Pub Grub Stand are the Red Velvet Chicken Strips. Chicken fingers dipped in red velvet cake batter, deep fried and served with fries and honey mustard sauce for dipping.


New to the PNE this year is the Waffle with Benefits booth. You’ll find the American Staple chicken and waffles and a new combo that’s becoming a Fair food experience staple – the Bacon and S’mores Waffle.


It wouldn’t be a trip to the Fair without visiting the Super Foot Long Hot Dogs booth. For 73 years, legendary carnie and concessionaire Jack Hunter owned and operated the iconic booth. Sadly, Jack passed away this last April, leaving the business to his son Jason. Enjoy one of them at the PNE this year in his honour.


New to the booth this year is the Foot Long Bacon Wrapped Pizza Dog.


There’s also healthy options at the PNE this year: Celebrating 35 years at the Fair this year is Curry-In-A-Hurry. This family of restauranteurs continues to elevate ethic cuisine at the fair with the debut of the Vegetable Kathi Roll – a healthy, tasty alternative at the Fair.


Finally, to tantalize your sweet tooth : The thing to have at the PNE this year is this – The Fat Elvis Ice Cream Sandwich from Rocky Point Ice Cream – this, oh this… it was amazing. A grilled Brioche bun filled with ice cream, banana, chocolate sauce and strawberry jam. This dish is a tribute to the King or Rock and Roll’s 1957 appearance at the Fair at the PNE.


Offering a new take on the classic mini donuts is Mini Donut Factory –  This booth is new at the Fair and features a delicious combination of Red Velvet Mini Donuts with a real cream cheese glaze.


The Fair is open 11 am till late 7 days a week and will closed for the year on September 7th. For more info check out their website.


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