VTSL presents Trump Card – Winner Takes All

With the presidential election happening across the border, it’s hard not to think about the global consequences of seeing Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton elected as the next President of the United States. With this in mind, Vancouver TheatreSports has created a whole new improv show set in year 2040, with news anchors and political commentators looking back on the year 2016 – Trump Card: Winner Takes All.


At the beginning of the show, we are introduced to VTSL News Station in year 2040. The hilarity begins right from the get-go: with audience participation, we learn that in year 2040, we all travel around by dog-sled, eating beetles harvested from beetle farms as meat becomes extinct, and chasing the latest trend from Apple in the form of nasal implants.

Both the US and Canadian elections of 2016 are revisited as a means to understand how the year 2040 came to be. Hilary Clinton and Justin Trudeau are introduced as mentors to two new candidates for the 2040 election: the angry weatherman and the furry lumberjack.

The show ends with a winner-takes-all vote from the audience, between three presidential candidates supported by Trump, Clinton, and Trudeau.

One of the most enjoyable parts of Vancouver TheatreSports’ shows is their inclusion of audience participation, letting the razor-sharp wit of their cast members shine through their on-stage performance. It’s jaw-dropping how quickly they are able to think on their feet and adapt to each scenario, even with the most absurd words and phrases from the audience.

DSC01442 edit.jpg

Trump Card – Winner Takes All runs Thursday to Saturdays at 7:30pm, from now until November 19. Tickets are available on the Vancouver TheatreSports website here. Get your tickets before they sell out!



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