Italian Wine and Cheese at Porto Cafe

Here in Vancouver, we’re blessed with fantastic wine. I say this from the point of view of a college student on a budget, so when I say fantastic, I mostly mean affordable, varied, and easy to appreciate. But last Tuesday I got the chance to sample some truly amazing wine, in every sense of the word.

The Italian embassy organized a wine tasting event at Porto Cafe. The place was packed. The mingling was buzzing. But most importantly, the wine (all 50 different kinds) kept coming.


Each wine was a unique combination of kind of grape, type of wood, number of years, and region of Italy. The evening I tried a rosé, a red, and a couple of whites. There were some prosecco flutes around, but I couldn’t hunt down where those were coming from.

Onto the wines themselves! Each one I tasted was amazing. They were a bit fruitier than the usual Vancouver fare, but I very much enjoyed them all. None of them are available in Vancouver right now, but hopefully that changes soon.


Of course, no wine tasting is complete without great cheese! With how full the event was, it was a bit tough scoring anything from the beautiful platter they laid out. Fortunately, there were a few of these cheese boards floating around to nab a bite from. You can never go wrong with brie and a nice swirly glass of red.

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