Vegas Baby

I find Vegas to be one of those chameleon places –  it’s never the same; it becomes whatever you want it to be in each visit.

Having been there a few times already, and it not being my all time favourite place, I wanted to experience a different kind of Vegas. Something less touristy, finding pleasure in the things I love doing when I’m at home.

Healthier choices of food, sleeping in, maybe a show and some dancing. Yoga of course!

Caesar's Palace - Vegas

I made these a priority over the gambling, drinking, and walking the Strip.

So here are my Vegas highlights this time around:

We stayed at Caesars – a place I’ve been meaning to stay at but had never had the chance.

As it turned out, it was their 50 year anniversary! There were banners and a chariot statue in the lobby – of course, I got a picture ;)

Caesars Chariot - Vegas

The moment we got in, around 2pm, we were starving!

Without having to go for fast food to satisfy our hunger, we went to the Café Americano right inside Caesars Palace and ordered the most AMAZING Latino Vegan Quinoa and a shareable Guacamole with nachos. So satisfying and filling! Paired up with a Mojito because, c’mon, it’s Vegas.

After freshening up and a mini siesta, we took to Uber and made it to one of the outlet malls. I’m not really much of a shopper but I think we stumbled upon some mega sales because I picked up a cute Kate Spade bag and a pair of sun glasses for about 80% off!

Afterwards, we  headed over to Whole Foods – a mini vacation right there. Grabbed a small meal and drinks and went back to the hotel.

Matcha Latte - Vegas

The next morning, it was time for some (late morning) yoga!

I had a hard time finding any yoga classes close to the Strip on the days we had decided to be there for – Monday to Thursday. There are a few hotels, like the Mirage, that offer yoga from Thursday to Sunday and you’re looking at about $50 a class which includes a few extras that may be worth the steeper price.

For us, we decided to go to Sin City Yoga.

Sin City Yoga - Vegas

We went for their noon Flow class and paid $24 – the tourist special. It included a mat rental and a bottle of water. Moving my body is SO important that this was the perfect start to the day. No grogginess that tends to accompany any stay in Vegas.

The studio isn’t too far from the Strip but it’s in the older Vegas, a little less pretty-looking. With Uber being so easily accessible, we grabbed an Uber and were on our way.

After class, we spent the day walking around and getting back to the hotel late afternoon. With enough time to reenergize and get ready for the Blue Man Group!

Blue Man Group - Vegas

If you’ve wanted to see them before but simply haven’t, do it! It’s such a great show. Funny and unpredictable. Seriously, do it!

Afterwards, we decided to go to Omnia – the club at Caesars. Got my little party dress on with heels and we were off.

This was much more exciting than I’m making it out to be. Live DJ and some dancing. Sadly, my heels couldn’t keep up and we only stayed for a little over an hour. Rookie mistake, I know!

On our final full day, we had the buffet and man oh man, what a treat that was.

Buffet 1 - Vegas

There was something for everyone! I was SO impressed with the cold-pressed juice selection and the healthier options available.

Cold Pressed - Vegas

Some ovo-vegetarian choices like the chilaquiles – a corn tortilla with veggies, salsa, and a sunny side up egg.


After a second plate, we called it quits. No food needed for the rest of the day – or so we thought.

buffet3 buffet4

A few hours went by before we started to head over to the Venetian where we came across the Cake Boss bakery. Still full from breakfast, we didn’t want to pass up the opportunity, I ended up with a cheesecake and a danish to go!

Cake Boss - Vegas

Walking, may I say very slowly, back. We got to the hotel and chilled – watched a movie and moved through a gentle yoga practice at the foot of the bed.

Ramsay Restaurant - Vegas

For dinner, it was time for something small Gordon Ramsay style. The Brit, who I had gone with, chose the Fish n’ Chips (of course!)

Ramsay Fish and Chips - Vegas

and I ended up with a small soup that was to die for!

Ramsay Soup - Vegas

That was pretty much it for us before we called it a day. Not a whole lot of running around or hustle and bustle but we had the most amazing time! And I can’t wait to do it again. Next time, I’ll be even more prepared with a list of classes I’ve already bookmarked to take.

I found Vegas is really what you make of it. Tourist attractions or not, there’s always something that brings you back to Vegas.


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