VTSL’s Summer Show: Avocado Toast

This summer, Vancouver TheatreSports (VTSL) takes an affectionate and comedic look at what makes Vancouver so unique. July 5 – September 1, 2018, VTSL hosts its summer show, Avocado Toast – Vancouver Grown, Free-Range Comedy, poking fun at Vancouver and all its stereotypes!
Have you ever made a joke or heard people laugh about us Vancouverites for being obsessed with the latest workout trends or fad diets? What about our bike lanes, non-existent ride-share programs (no Uber?!?!), obsession for craft beer and coffee, or housing issues? Avocado Toast takes aim at all those stereotypes and more in this new summer improv show.
We start off with our Vancouver city tour guide, Lauren introducing us to some of Vancouver’s finest and recognizable neighbourhoods. She takes us on a tour of a variety of neighbourhood stereotypes such as the Yaletown botox-induced women, the yoga loving hipsters of Main Street, etc.
With the help of her 6 cast mates for the evening, VTSL’s improv troupe takes on various characters and roles in paying homage to all things Vancouver, including playing fitness crazed instructors who interact with the audience in making sure we have exercised with them on the latest fitness regime!
Similar to their other improv shows, no two performances can ever be the same, but all shows guarantee lots of LOL moments. This was by far one of VTSL’s best shows of the year, perhaps because we all want to laugh at ourselves and our avocado loving city. Or perhaps it’s because we know at least one other person who fits into those being mocked on stage for the evening?!
Celebrate Vancouver by joining VTSL this summer for some distinctively Lower Mainland laughs. Avocado Toast will keep you laughing both before, during and after the show (when you and your friends get inspired to make your own Vancouver jokes).
For more info on Avocado Toast and other VTSL shows, visit www.vtsl.com.

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