Yoga Pose for Dehydration Headache


What does too much time in the sun and having too many drinks have in common? Dehydration!

That’s right! Too much of both can cause a pounding headache if you haven’t prepared with water and/or a refreshing electrolyte drink.

So how does yoga come into play? With deep breathing and one single pose (ok, so there are other poses that can help but this one is one of my faves).

If you’ve ever had a dehydration headache, I don’t need to convince you to stop moving to help alleviate the pain. It’s something you naturally crave to do.

We’ll be going into Legs Up the Wall – without a wall. The reason behind that is, when you’re caught in the crossfire of a headache, a wall may not be around.

So, let’s come down onto the floor and get into this scrumptious pose.

How to Get Into this Pose:

  1. Grab a tall cushion, book, block, box, whatever can lift your hips up – but don’t use it yet
  2. Laying flat on your back, bend your knees and place the soles of your feet down
  3. On your exhale, lift your hips up and slide your “block” underneath – make sure it’s not sitting on your low back but on your sacrum (maybe even a little lower)
  4. Release your body back down onto your “block”
  5. Relax your shoulders down your back
  6. Press the back of your head on your mat
  7. Exhale, draw your knees into your chest and slowly lift your legs up to the sky
  8. Relax your legs
  9. Either place your palms to your sides or on your belly
  10. Stay here for a while. If you have 10 minutes, I invite you to pamper yourself and stay here.

Here’s an image that highlights a few key points to consider:


For a short tutorial on this pose, I’ve created a video you can find on IGTV (@daisyjeys).



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