Top 3 Deals & Steals: October 9-15, 2018

Each week, experience our top 3 deals & steals that have been selected for you, whether it be shopping, food, or just tips on how to save some money!

As I’m currently off on vacation, I’m sharing with you 3 fun travel deals & tips that might help you plan your travels better to save money! I’m currently in Los Angeles and Palm Springs and here are 3 fun free/cheap things you can do while in those cities or California:

  1. Free museums in Los Angeles: Aside from the epic Getty Museum and Los Angeles County Museum of Art, which both normally charge admission fees, Los Angeles is home to several free museums! Check out The Broad in downtown LA for the latest immersive and contemporary art pieces, both international and North American artists dead and alive, including Yayoi Kusama, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, and more. Admission is free, however make sure you pre-book your tickets a month in advance, as tickets are released on the 1st of each month for the following month (i.e. December 2018 tickets are available November 1, 2018). Another museum similar in design is the Marciano Art Foundation in Mid-Wilshire in LA. The Marciano Art Foundation offers rotating art exhibits, the latest a Yayoi Kusama exhibit and Ai Wei Wei’s Life Cycle exhibit.
  2. Take Lyft to save money: Ride share is super popular in LA – it’s a battle between Uber and Lyft. Here’s a tip for you if you are a single rider or travelling in pairs – pick the Share Ride option on Lyft as it is cheaper and will save you money. If you pick this option, there will be a chance you will have to share with a stranger being picked up – which may delay your ride by 5-10 minutes, however, it will save you a few dollars. Lyft is generally cheaper than Uber, so that’s the other reason why I’m recommending Lyft. To download your app and to receive $5 off, click here.
  3. Joshua Tree National Park: Although it will cost you $30 USD to enter Joshua Tree National Park in Palm Springs,  the pass is good for 7 days. There are campsites you can stay overnight at for $15 per night. This park is very different than anything you will see in Canada. Even for a day trip, you can easily spend 4-6 hours just by stopping off at all the view points, checking out the various different landscapes and topography, and maybe even do a hike. Note, the temperatures are different from the city of Palm Springs, so bring a jacket and sunscreen. This is a great and worthwhile, budget friendly activity for a day or two.

If you have a deal to share, feel free to comment below so we can all take advantage of it or email us in advance to be featured on next week’s post!


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