The Maan Farms Haunted Corn Maze is a Scary Good Time

“AAAAA!! AAAAA!! Its’s ok, it’s ok… I’ll survi…. AAAAAAAA!!”

– Me in the Maan Farms Haunted Corn Maze.

Dylaina Gollub Photography

Located on the outskirts of Abbotsford, BC, this family-owned farm boasts 5 acres of the scariest haunted corn maze in Canada, Maan Farms Haunted Corn Maze.  Once you get to the farm, you can purchase and enjoy a selection of wine and food offered at Mama Maan’s Kitchen. From there, you will board a farm trailer which will take you to the entrance of the Haunted Corn Maze. While waiting for your turn, you can get strapped on a spinning torture device and take Instagram worthy pictures while spinning!

Dylaina Gollub Photography

You will enter the corn maze of terror in small groups of five or less. One by one, monsters will appear out of thin air and scare your pants off! Clowns, vampires, demonic girls, zombies, crazy scientists, and many more! They just appear left and right, sometimes chasing you with a chainsaw! Remember, they are not allowed to touch you and you are not allowed to touch them too, so don’t hit them when you get scared.

The maze also has five haunted houses where you will encounter more terrifying monsters. Within the houses, you will find yourself screaming because a clown pops out of a window or a hidden door, monsters following you from behind, items controlled by hydraulics which make it seem like there was a poltergeist nearby, and more! At the last haunted house, you go up the stairs and exit through a slide.

My words don’t do justice! You have to see it yourself to believe it! By the way, no flashlights allowed. Yes, you will be in darkness the whole time. Are you scared yet?


For more details on tickets and the farm, visit


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