White Spot’s New Signature Avocado Beyond Burger™


From drive-in to dine-in, this week our beloved BC restaurant chain White Spot is going above and Beyond with its delicious and mouth-watering meatless burger patty. Available in all White Spot restaurants in BC and Alberta, this four-ounce chargrilled Avocado Beyond Burger™ patty is 100% plant-based.  The burger is fully-composed of fresh avocado, pickled onions, roasted corn, crisp lettuce, vine-ripened tomatoes, jalapeno ranch, edamame hummus, and served with a choice of Caesar salad, The Spot’s salad, creamy coleslaw, or ‘endless’ signature BC grown Kennebec fries. You can also upgrade for a side of Zoo sticks, poutine, onion rings, or sweet potato fries for an additional charge. The price of the burger is $17.49 in British Columbia and $18.49 in Alberta. Lettuce wrap the burger for no additional charge. Substitute the bun for a gluten-free bun for only $1. If you want to stick to a traditional White Spot signature burger but would like to try the Beyond® patty, substitute for an extra $1.99.

SNC Communications: Jessica Napier

Here is the breakdown of 100% plant-based Beyond® patty without GMO, antibiotics, gluten, soy, or hormones.

For Protein (20g): Peas. Mung bean and Brown rice

For Meaty Juiciness and Texture: Potato starch, Coconut oil

For Rich Meaty Colour: Beet and Pomegranate juice


The Beyond® patty will also be featured In White Spot’s new Southwest Power Bowl as a choice of protein add-on. You can also choose from blackened fresh BC Chicken, Oceanwise Wild Pacific Sockeye salmon, or Oceanwise sautéed garlic prawns. The salad is served with beautiful fresh avocado, sweet red cherry tomatoes, radish, roasted corn, shaved cabbaged, quinoa, and jasmine rice, with crisp greens. Jalapeno ranch and edamame hummus for an extra punch of flavor.


In celebration of this healthy and sustainable burger, I was invited to attend a media event recently showcasing this fresh find. Admiring amazing corvettes and sampling White Spot’s new creations, I was able to sink my teeth into one of these beautiful signature burgers and for a meat lover, I must say that it was beyond fabulous! I did not miss the meat at all and I totally forgot the burger was beef free, despite the colour, texture, and cook of the patty. The combination of the fresh avocado and bright green edamame jalapeno sauce complimented the burger perfectly. I loved the crunch of the fresh iceberg lettuce. The corn added an additional meatiness and sweetness to the burger. Overall, I was very satisfied and did not feel heavy or greasy after the meal. I highly recommend this burger to anyone hitting up a White Spot for their next restaurant or BC ferry visit.  

For more information, visit www.whitespot.ca/beyondLegendary


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