5 Family-Friendly Vancouver Restaurants Offering Dietary and Allergy Safe Food

It’s tough enough for families to choose a restaurant, and it’s even tougher for those with one or multiple dietary restrictions in their household. The good news is that there are a lot of diet and allergy-friendly options in Vancouver. After eating the same old dishes every week, I’m excited to share this list of five family restaurants that are diverse, affordable, and offer dine-in, take-out and delivery!

Aphrodite’s Cafe

Despite being around for over 17 years, Aphrodite’s is still a hidden gem in Kitsilano, welcoming guests with their farm-style comfort food. The restaurant uses local, organic food, and is peanut and treenut allergy friendly. Some menu highlights include the gluten free Four Bean Lasagne, and the Curried Chickpea Salad Sandwich. Both are the kind of vegan dish where you’ll never notice that the meat is missing!

Rocky Mountain Flatbread

A favourite for families across the city with their nut free menu, Rocky Mountain is a great option for delicious food made with organic ingredients in a comfortable environment. For young gluten free eaters, the Beef Pepperoni Pizza is our top choice, while for the adults the Vegan Sundried Tomato Pizza with a locally brewed lager is sure to please. Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. has two locations in Vancouver: One on Main Street and another on Kitsalano.

Sal y Limon 

Spice up a gloomy January day with the authentic Mexican food from Sal y Limon. Their tacos menu is gluten free, and all their dishes can be made with meat or vegetarian fillings.  Come for familiar options like burritos or quesadillas, or try something new like Huaraches, which are thick corn pancakes covered with refried beans and toppings, or Tortas, which are jam-packed sandwiches made on crisp bread. Sal y Limon has two locations, one in Vancouver and another in Grandview Corners in Surrey.

Dosa & Curry

Dosas are a crisp pancake filled with a curry of choice, and they are a staple food of South India. The best part is that they are entirely gluten free and nut free. Visit Dosa & Curry for their 30 different varieties of dosas, including the vegetarian Eggplant Tamarind, the dairy free Spinach & Tofu, and the vegan Aloo Gobi.


For anyone with a strict diet and a strict budget, this is the perfect spot. Shizenya is known as the healthiest sushi restaurant worldwide. They offer unique options including vegan sushi, keto and paleo friendly Lettuce Rolls and Quinoa filled Spicy Cones. You can also find whole-wheat Udon and Teriyaki with no oil. 

This post was created in partnership with Honeycomb, a Vancouver-based app that filters through hundreds of local restaurant menus to find suitable restaurant dishes for nine major diets and dozens of allergies.


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