Ganache Patisserie


As with most women, chocolate is my weakness. I workout hard and eat clean about 90% of the time, but put a piece of chocolate in front of me and it’s gone in no time flat. For my birthday every year, I always try and get my husband to get me cake from Ganache Pâtisserie. As I always say on Two Girls. One Blog., if I am going to cheat on my diet, it better be worth it. And Ganache is worth the calories..soo worth it!

Even though my birthday is not until the summer, I was reminded of Ganache when I was walking around Yaletown the other day. I saw they had just moved (right next door to their old location) and updated their decor. It looks super cute and of course I went in and got a slice of cake. (Oops?)
Trust me, Ganache does not disappoint if you are a chocolate fan. Owner and pastry chef, Peter Fong, opened Ganache Pâtisserie in December of 2003 and I have been a fan every since! The desserts here are rich and decadent; just the way a dessert should be. The key ingredient in Ganache’s menu is Cacao Barry chocolate from France. It make all the difference in their desserts and cakes.


And let me tell you, Ganache’s signature entremet, the Chocolat-Banane is to die for. It’s my go to, if I have a hankering for dessert. It’s made of dark chocolate mousse, caramelized bananas and a hazelnut dacquoise. If you are a chocolate fan this is a must try. It is very rich and often, just one slice is all I need to cure my chocolate craving. Another item I would recommend is the Mango Chocolat. It’s made of mango mousse, dark chocolate passion fruit mousse, chocolate cake and mango gelee. The tart mango helps cut through the sweetness of the chocolate and this means you can go back and have another slice ;).


If you’re not a huge chocolate fan, one of my husband’s ‘go-to’ is the Blanc Fraisier. He describes it as an adult version of strawberry short cake. What’s it’s really made of is: vanilla cake, white chocolate moussline, vanilla sable Breton and strawberry passion fruit meringue. Heavenly and definitely a good alternative if decadent chocolate treats are not your thing (Um..what is wrong with you?!). He would also like to add that his favourite item at Ganahce is actually their Foret Noir: made of chocolate cake, Kirsch syrup, vanilla Chantilly cream, griottine cherries and chocolate Chantilly cream. Are you drooling yet?

If you are in Yaletown give Ganache a try. I guarantee you will not regret it. Chef Fong also does custom orders, wedding cakes and more.

You can check out Ganache through their website and follow them on Twitter: @ganacheyaletown.

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