Pizza Fabrika

I’ve been meaning to try this restaurant since it opened 8 months ago. Pizza Fabrika has that “we don’t care what you think, because we’re awesome” sort of vibe to it. Everything from the edgy communist/industrial revolution – era inspired  advertising, to the bold beer selection and the ever-changing pizza menu. Something told me this is my kind of place.


I was invited to dine here by the fine folks of Zomato – they invited a few Vancouver foodies to come by, share some pie and learn a little about them. I’m pretty excited about them coming to Vancouver soon!

Pizza Fabrika is by no means a big restaurant. Maybe 20 – 25 seats? Still, the menu is vast, and I was impressed by the beer menu as well. I was definitely expecting some local craft beer on tap, but Australian Sparkling Ale? Sure enough – and I tell you, it was delicious!

IMG_6529If you’re a beer drinker, you’re gonna love this place.


I was greeted by co-owner Stephen Wiese who’s not only cute as a button, but a heck of a host. He knows his beer, he knows his food, has great taste in friends. seriously. What’s not too like.

Which brings me to the food. I was a little nervous. Usually when a restaurant is surrounded by hype, it usually is just that. Hype. I was already impressed with the selection and menu. I really didn’t want to be disappointed.


We started with a few appies. I tell you, it’s great when you’re with a large group of people, as you can really get a good mix of food. The gooey and cheesy garlic bread is made with house made garlic butter. I tell you, get yourself an order of that, a beet salad with herb ricotta and walnuts, and a side of the ridiculously good bison meatballs and you’ve got a meal! I should mention that the meatballs are 25% pork and 75% bison and come in the most delectable tomato sauce. Sinceriously good stuff.

IMG_6540Pizza Fabrika’s pizzas average from $12-$18 and they’re of a decent size. This vegetarian option for example (arugula, zucchini, green pepper, sun dried tomato and goat cheese) will only set you back $12.

IMG_6541Right now, this is the pizza to try – for a limited time only, the Dark Matter Pizza is available as part of the VanFoodster Pizza Challenge. What makes this pizza special? Well, you can drink the same beer the sausage has been made with for starters. The Dark Matter Ale is one tasty beer, and it’s no surprise it goes well with this creation. The pizza also has braised short rib, sautéed mushroom and red onions on a thin crust, making it one tasty, tasty dish.


Another good pizza to try is the Lamb Sausage –  the sausage had just the right amount of spice, and the goat cheese was a nice little infuse of flavour I wasn’t expecting.

I didn’t even get to have dessert, but if you’re still peckish after your pizza feast, they have desserts in a jar – ranging from chocolate moose to lemon cheesecake.

Seriously, what’s not too like about this place. It’s not all hype, this is solid, good food.

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  1. Wow!! very delicious!!


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