Lush Cosmetics West 4th Store Grand Reopening

When I think about Lush Cosmetics, I think about fresh, natural and safe products that smell divine and are like heaven for my skin. I also think about easy products to travel in a carry-on with (you gotta try their toothy tabs solid tooth “paste”, and shampoo bars!) and a company with social and environmental consciousness. If Lush makes it, you bet I’ll try it! And you know they do things right! Which was the case with their West 4th store grand reopening on August 22nd.


I might be a biased fan, after all, I love everything this company does. From their recyclable and biodegradable gift packaging, to their Charity Pot that gives 100% of their chase price (minus the taxes) to support humanitarian, environmental, and animal rights causes locally and around the world, to their ethical campaigns and ethical sourcing of their ingredients, to their products themselves! But whether or not I’m biased doesn’t take from the fact that their grand reopening was definitely grand.


The store has been at that location for 15 years and, according to Lush, it needed a face-lift. The day was full of activities to tour the store, try some products (I got an arm massage from Robin. She used 4 different products, 2 for each arm, and my favourites were Rub Rub Rub blossom scented salt scrub, and Charity Pot that left my skin silky soft and scented with cocoa butter), and face mask making, massage bar demos, and vegan treats.


Whatever might be wrong with the world today, a trip to Lush just makes me feel good about living in it, whether or not I purchase something when I visit (I might be a bit of a stalker and just walk in to be surrounded by their stuff), I know that they are doing things right, plus their staff is some of the best around. If you’re not lucky enough to have a Lush near where you live no worries, you can also buy their lovely products at


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