Discover the Versatility of BC Strawberries this Summer! #CONTEST

It’s a good year for BC Strawberries.

Last year’s mild temperatures combined with this year’s warm spring has been good to BC strawberries! The conditions have created a fruit that is so sweet it’s almost like biting into a piece of candy. 


Also the strawberries are ready earlier this year.  June used to be the norm for the start of the strawberry season, but this year the berries were ready as early as the first week of May.

On Saturday, my friend Cassandra of Good Life Vancouver and myself, stopped at a farm in the Fraser Valley to pick some fresh strawberries. The colour of the fruit is fantastic and they’re so juicy! It really doesn’t get better than this. We don’t need to go out and buy imported strawberries when we have over 30 growers right here in the Fraser Valley. This is such a fun activity to do with the whole family and you can make a whole day of it. If you missed this strawberry crop, do not despair.  Farmers say they’ll be another round coming up soon in early July.


So what can you do with BC strawberries? basically anything! During our trip to the Fraser Valley we discovered how truly versatile this fruit can be. We checked out some local wineries for some fantastic strawberry wine; Farmer markets are offering strawberries jams and jellies and preserves.  there’s also of course our favourite: strawberry pie! ( or cake, strawberry muffins, strawberry cupcakes…) You can also make a fantastic a strawberry vinaigrette for salads, and on a hot day, strawberries and cream is the perfect dessert.  You can add fresh strawberries to your cereal or oatmeal… and let’s not forget: strawberry margaritas!


Share your #bcstrawberries moment now until June 20, 2016 and enter to win great prizes; including gift cards to Fable and Wildebeest restaurants, Manns Farms Season Passes and gift cards to Lepp Farm Market.

Go to this website to enter. Good luck!


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