Organic and Local in North Van: Bluhouse Market & Cafe

There’s something to be said about being a tourist in your own city. Experiencing and looking at things from a completely different perspective and noticing places you’ve never seen before.

That was the case with Bluhouse Market & Cafe!


It’s one of those enchanting places that, when you visit, you feel positive the moment you walk in. The vibe and decor is so earthy, it’s even refreshing.


And, the variety on their menu is second-to-none.

Non-dairy? No problem! Have cashew cream on your crepe instead.


Gluten allergy? All crepes are gluten-free!

Vegan? They’ve got you covered.

Smoothies, wraps, lemonade…I could seriously live here :)

The staff can even give you suggestions to accommodate your dietary restrictions – even the odd chocolate allergy like mine.


When you go, you’ll notice that there’s a feeling of community right from when you walk in. People know the staff and staff knows them.

Many cyclists and hikers stop by on their way back from their outdoor workout – since it’s tucked right in the Deep Cove Village (it which reminds me of a mini Whistler!).

If I was to recommend one thing for you to try, it would be the salted peanut butter cookie. SO good. Combined with the cherry vanilla black tea!


I have been here quite frequently the past few weeks – and I’m coming from Coquitlam! But that peanut butter cookie…I’d walk there :)

I’m happy to support their vision of local and organic products. Whenever I’m in the area, you can bet I’m making a stop here.

IMG_9582 IMG_9583

In their own words: “Eating local allows us to focus on the seasons, celebrate the natural ebbs and flows of the west coast bounty and to appreciate food with a lower carbon footprint and a higher touch of love all the way from the grower, to the fork full of goodness at Bluhouse.”


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