Skip the Dishes Tonight! #Contest

If there’s one thing I love more than going out to eat, is when the food is delivered right to my door.

I’m so busy. I have a full-time job, a blog, and I’m the mother of an adorable, yet, extremely energetic almost-four-year-old. With all my daily responsibilities; anything that makes my life easier it’s welcome.

So I was happy to discover – a site that allows me to order food from local restaurants in my area.

There are a few things I like about this new service:

  1. I get to choose which local restaurants I want to try
  2. There are lots of options
  3. You can choose if you want to pay a delivery fee or not – there are a few restaurants that will let you skip the fee if you’re spending a certain amount.
  4. Ordering is fast and easy!

I’ve used the service a few times myself; at my home and at my friend’s home. I’ve even had to cancel an order once. Getting in touch with a customer service person was easy, cordial and fast.

Skip the Dishes is available all over the country, with more cities being added regularly. I personally liked the service very much, and I want you to try it too.

The folks at Skip the Dishes are giving one lucky reader $50 in skip credits, so they can try the service. Click here to enter. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Also for the rest of us, use code MARYINVANCITY to get 10% off your order tonight! (Until April 30th, 2017).

Good luck!


19 Comments Add yours

  1. beth says:

    Id love to use skip the dishes tonite because its been a long day at work and I really dont want to cook

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  2. dark*chocolate says:

    I’ve never tried Skip The Dishes (only Just Eat so far), but I’ve always wanted to! Thanks for the giveaway, and also for the coupon code! 😄


    1. Mary Sheridan says:

      You’re very welcome. Good luck!


  3. Sunshine H says:

    I want to try b/c I’m trying to eat more healthy foods, but I find I have a limited repertoire, and it sometimes seems hard to put in the effort on those really busy days/nights. This would be a great way to try the program out, and see if it’s a good fit (any maybe get some ideas).


  4. charityk says:

    because i am our family dish washer


  5. it would be a real treat not to have to cook supper for one night!


  6. Josh Rimer says:

    Oooh, with $50 I could get a bunch of Thai food (my fav)… it’s too hard to make at home, but eating it at home when it’s made by someone else is perfect. :-D


  7. Linda Hayashida says:

    I’d love to skip the dishes this weekend for my birthday!


  8. pinksuzanne says:

    I’d love to skip the dishes as I would rather be working outside in my flower beds than preparing a meal.


  9. Connie Leung says:

    Amazing!! Would love to try too!


  10. Lia says:

    I want to skip the dishes tonight because work is insanely busy and this seems like a life saver!


  11. Soozle says:

    I would love Skip the Dishes tonight as I love the huge selection of restaurants to choose from! It’s awesome and a time saver!


  12. Because I’m too lazy to cook!


  13. Marra says:

    It’s my birthday week & I have a newborn! It’s be great to Skip the Dishes! @marra_c


  14. Tina L. says:

    I would love to skip the dishes tonight because I don’t have the energy to cook.


  15. I’d love to treat mom and let her skip the dishes for a night! cheers!


  16. Lushka Smith says:

    I would love to try it tonight as there are so many great ethnic restaurants I choose from.


  17. I just love the huge variety of cuisine from Skip the Dishes! I’d love to treat my kids to new flavors delivered right to our home for a special family meal!


  18. I sincerely wish we had this service in England! I can do with ‘skipping a dish’ or two every so often!


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