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Skip the Dishes Tonight! #Contest

If there’s one thing I love more than going out to eat, is when the food is delivered right to my door.

I’m so busy. I have a full-time job, a blog, and I’m the mother of an adorable, yet, extremely energetic almost-four-year-old. With all my daily responsibilities; anything that makes my life easier it’s welcome.

So I was happy to discover – a site that allows me to order food from local restaurants in my area.

There are a few things I like about this new service:

  1. I get to choose which local restaurants I want to try
  2. There are lots of options
  3. You can choose if you want to pay a delivery fee or not – there are a few restaurants that will let you skip the fee if you’re spending a certain amount.
  4. Ordering is fast and easy!

I’ve used the service a few times myself; at my home and at my friend’s home. I’ve even had to cancel an order once. Getting in touch with a customer service person was easy, cordial and fast.

Skip the Dishes is available all over the country, with more cities being added regularly. I personally liked the service very much, and I want you to try it too.

The folks at Skip the Dishes are giving one lucky reader $50 in skip credits, so they can try the service. Click here to enter. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Also for the rest of us, use code MARYINVANCITY to get 10% off your order tonight! (Until April 30th, 2017).

Good luck!


  1. I’ve never tried Skip The Dishes (only Just Eat so far), but I’ve always wanted to! Thanks for the giveaway, and also for the coupon code! 😄


  2. I want to try b/c I’m trying to eat more healthy foods, but I find I have a limited repertoire, and it sometimes seems hard to put in the effort on those really busy days/nights. This would be a great way to try the program out, and see if it’s a good fit (any maybe get some ideas).


  3. Oooh, with $50 I could get a bunch of Thai food (my fav)… it’s too hard to make at home, but eating it at home when it’s made by someone else is perfect. :-D


  4. I would love Skip the Dishes tonight as I love the huge selection of restaurants to choose from! It’s awesome and a time saver!


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