Green Bamboo Vietnamese Cuisine

There’s a short-lived tradition that I have with a close friend, we don’t see each other often but when we do we always go for Pho. We have tried some […]

Product Review: Shakeology

I’m a big fan of, my fitness journey began with their videos and I got hooked on my healthy lifestyle thanks to their great online community. The one thing […]

Wojo Nutrition

Being a fitness instructor doesn’t necessarily mean that I am a happy-go-lucky always-bubbly energy bunny. In fact, if you ask your Zumba, Aerobics, or any type of fitness class instructor, […]

Cattle Cafe

Curiosity finally gave in and I took my hunger to the Cattle Café at the corner of Edmonds and Kingsway in Burnaby. I’ve seen the very recognizable cow chef on […]

Potter’s Garden Restaurant

 If you’re in the mood for some authentic Korean food and you find yourself in South Burnaby, may I suggest a meal at Potter’s Garden Korean BBQ? Seriously, you gotta […]

Wize Monkey Kickstarter Campaign

I had the pleasure to attend the Kickstarter Campaign for Wize Monkey coffee leaf tea on November 7th. As a tea lover I felt that it was an event that […]

Bun Cha Ca Hoang Yen

Hoang Yen is a quaint little Vietnamese café located on Victoria Drive in Vancouver. You would probably miss it if you’re walking by but a friend took me there specifically, […]

Cycling Taiwan Event Recap

To promote tourism, The Taiwan Tourism Board held the “Cycling Taiwan” event at Robson Square on June 5th. The event was to show the beautiful cycling trails, routes and infrastructure […]

Calabash Bistro’s new brunch menu

Situated in Vancouver’s Chinatown, Calabash is like a little corner of the Caribbean in the West Coast. As soon as I entered the sound of steel drums and tropical smells […]