TWG Tea Celebrates Canada’s 150th

Let’s talk tea. Tea is civilized, it’s sophisticated, it’s classy. Tea is social, it’s calming, comforting, but it can also be energizing. It is friendly, it is fun, it’s well-rounded, diverse, and versatile. Give me a place, activity, or occasion, and I can assure you that tea will always fit in. Seriously! There’s no such thing as too much tea, and that statement has never been truer than when you walk into TWG Tea.

TWG Tea is the finest luxury tea brand in the world and Vancouver is lucky to have its only North American exclusive TWG Tea Boutique (Toronto will be opening soon) with a selection of over 500 fine teas. That’s right FIVE HUNDRED! It’s a treat for the senses! The boutique offers a full breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu as well as seasonal offerings and, of course, a high tea menu that is luxurious and delicious.

All of the menu items are made or infused, with tea and just seeing the innovative ways that they have incorporated the tea into the menu items really impressed me, I tasted the Wagyu burger with its tea infused BBQ sauce and Comte cheese, arguably the best burger I’ve ever eaten! The meal-sized burger is served with green Matcha salt, so I absolutely need to go back for lunch and try the full menu because I need to try those fries! The drinks are also tea based (try the Earl Grey chocolate shake, you will not regret it!).

The TWG Tea Boutique opened its doors for Tourism Vancouver’s Member2Member Mixer on May 25th, which just happened to coincide with the unveiling of their new limited edition Jubilee Tea blend to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary. The Jubilee Tea is a rooibos (African red tea) blend with delicate notes of maple syrup and a slight cranberry tartness that I can only describe as lovely. I’m not a big fan of maple (*gasp* I know!), but the taste was slightly sweet and almost unnoticeable that I enjoyed more than one cup. The festive Jubilee Tea infused macarons are also here for a limited time and are the perfect accompaniment to enjoy with the celebration tea.

Next time you’re in Downtown Vancouver, make sure to visit the TWG Tea Salon and Boutique at 1070 West Georgia, they are open daily from 10 am to 8 pm because, you know, any time is the perfect tea time.

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