Healthy Foodies are KRAVEing KRAVE Jerky

I am a snacker. There, I said it! I am constantly hungry and am a big fan of snacking. But what is a girl to do when you want a satisfying snack that will not derail you from your fitness journey? For me, the answer is jerky, it’s portable, keeps for a long time, and satiates hunger. However, my search for good quality jerky that is flavorful, not full of sodium and/or nitrites, or artificial flavoring left me disappointed in the choices that are easily available (meaning, not forcing a trip to a specialty or health food store but available at my local grocers or convenience store). Lucky for me, and for all health-conscious non-vegetarians, KRAVE Jerky is here to save the day!

This is not your average jerky or Slim Jim. Aside from being high in protein, gluten-free, and low on carbs and sugar (like most jerky on the market), KRAVE is full of flavour, and I do mean FULL of flavour! With combinations like chili lime beef and grilled sweet teriyaki pork, you’ll find a flavour combo that will delight your taste buds unlike any other jerky you can find, and there is no artificial anything in each package, you can recognize and pronounce all of the ingredients. With 80 calories per serving, which is 1/3 of the package, you can be sure to satisfy your hunger and your snack needs without feeling like you just ate a mouthful of sodium.

So far I’ve tried 5 of the 10 flavours available and am loving the sweet/spicy combo. I’m on the lookout to try the turkey jerky as well but it’s just a matter of time, whenever I feel snacky it’s jerky that I crave, I also love having some with me when I travel to avoid unhealthy and overpriced airport snacks. Check out the full line of flavours and other jerky products at


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