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Tag: healthy snacks

Happy Snacking with Naked Snacks

I have a love/hate relationship with snacking. Everyday around 2pm I get the craving for something tasty. Sweet, savoury, it doesn’t matter. I always end up reaching for the first […]

Yonanas – Not Just for Desserts

I was given a new Yonanas machines to test out at home. As a mom of a two-year old, I’m always looking for fun and creative ways to introduce healthy […]

5 Foods that are Silently Killing You

Everyone deserves an occasional indulgence, but if you want to optimize your health, and still fit in your skinny jeans, these foods are a no, no, no. 1. Pop Soda […]

Make Movie Night Popcorn Indiana Night!

  Winter is the perfect time to catch up on movie favourites, and a good movie demands good popcorn. Enter Indiana Popcorn. Their line of popcorn includes all natural kettle […]

Clif MOJO from Clif Bar & Company

A portable snack is a safe way to fuel your body good. Getting stuck without one can drive you into, well, a drive-thru…ick! I had the pleasure of testing out […]