Make Movie Night Popcorn Indiana Night!

photo 2   Winter is the perfect time to catch up on movie favourites, and a good movie demands good popcorn. Enter Indiana Popcorn.

Their line of popcorn includes all natural kettle corn, movie theatre, cinnamon sugar, age white cheddar and all natural sea salt – with new flavours being added all the time! They’re also gluten free and kosher. I tried the Movie Theatre Popcorn. This popcorn has an excellent buttery taste very comparable to movie theatre popcorn – Truth in advertising. Unlike other microwave popcorns, Indiana Popcorn has only natural ingredients and not a ton of chemicals.

The pop corn comes in a warm-up bag that is microwave safe, so you can enjoy it just like in the movies – and in the comfort of your own home. Careful with heating times, 10 seconds could make the difference between done or burnt. 

Wasn’t sure it would be still good on the second day but it was. Not supposed to heat again in the same bag so I didn’t, just ate it room temperature.

You can purchase Indiana Popcorn at Safeway, 7-11 and Walmart here in Canada.

Follow them on Twitter: @Popcorn_Indiana

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