Happy Snacking with Naked Snacks

I have a love/hate relationship with snacking.

Everyday around 2pm I get the craving for something tasty. Sweet, savoury, it doesn’t matter. I always end up reaching for the first thing closest to me: the usual culprits are either a chocolate bar or a bag of chips. Let’s face it. 2pm when the craving hits is NOT the time to plan for a healthy snack.

Enter Naked Snacks.


Naked Snacks is a local online company that delivers customized snack boxes of healthy, gourmet munchies straight to your door. Each box is completely customizable, with 25+ options to choose from. Naked Snacks offers options for everyone from vegans/vegetarians to paleo, low-carb and grain-free dieters.

I got a chance to sample a box of Naked Snacks. I found the online ordering very easy and the box was delivered within only a couple of days. Sweet!

So kudos for the expedited service and easy ordering – but the million dollar question is: what do they taste like?

I ordered the following snacks:

Photo credit: Nakedsnacks.com

Maui Pineapple Rings – Sweet and full of fiber, pineapple has that magical ability to take your mind to a tropical beach somewhere. This was a tasty choice.

Photo credit: Nakedsnacks.com

Tropical Fruit Salad – Coconuts, bananas and mango. Coconut and bananas contain fatty acids to help your brain function better, and mangos are rich in fibre and antioxidant compounds. This was my fave snack.

Photo credit: Nakedsnacks.com

PB Chocolate Granola – Peanut butter and chocolate granola? Sign me up! This snack consists of organic oats, non-GMO sunflower oil, organic flax seeds, organic sunflower seeds, organic coconut, organic cane sugar, organic peanut butter, organic peanuts, organic banana chips, organic chocolate chips (cacao nibs, coconut sugar, cacao butter), and sea salt.

Aside from my picks, Naked Snacks offers these popular snacks:

3pm Goji: Beat the 3pm slump with this snack! The goji berries give you a steady release of energy, plus the cherries, berries and 70% organic chocolate sere serve up a super dose of antioxidants.

Hearty Tamari: A healthy alternative to potato chips but with the same satisfying crunch, Hearty Tamari is a blend of sesame sticks, spicy pretzels, almonds and cashews – all slow roasted in delicious tamari.

Maple Praline Almonds: The finest Quebec maple syrup  mix in with praline deliciousness. These crunchy nuggets are crafted in small batches using high-grade California almonds.
Thai Holiday: This mix of wild rice sticks, curry cashews, flaked coconut and sun-dried mango is the perfect blend of sweet and spicy all in one!

Other top picks include Aloha Kauai, Chipotle Lime Pistachios, Ginger Staycation and Honeybee Sprinkles.

Ordering is easy:

  1. go to www.nakedsnacks.ca
  2. choose your snacks
  3. choose your delivery frequency. (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly)
  4. include your shipping and payment info and you’re done!
  5. did I mention FREE SHIPPING?

Now and for a limited time: use code MARYINVANCITY and get 30% off your order.

8 Comments Add yours

  1. sacredbloodbunny says:

    I am very tempted to order to try but how do I enter your code? I don’t see a enter code portion?


  2. Mary Sheridan says:

    after you enter your order and your payment info, the last page will ask you if you have a coupon code. Not sure if my code still available but you’re welcome to try it! They’re really good.


    1. sacredbloodbunny says:

      I think they don’t have that option for the gift section!:( I am really tempted to try it!


      1. sacredbloodbunny says:

        OH! Your code still works but I think it’s only for get snacks and not give snacks… oh well. But am definitely going to order them. Also do you have your own blog? Clicking your name doesn’t link to a blog.


      2. Mary Sheridan says:

        you’re reading my blog!


      3. sacredbloodbunny says:

        Oh I meant personal, isn’t this blog written by a few bloggers? Sorry, I’m new to blogging


      4. Mary Sheridan says:

        yeah, it started with just me but a few of my friends joined as we got bigger.


      5. sacredbloodbunny says:

        Sweet! Looking forward to good finds in van city:)


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