Yonanas – Not Just for Desserts

I was given a new Yonanas machines to test out at home. As a mom of a two-year old, I’m always looking for fun and creative ways to introduce healthy food into Dylan’s routine. I found the Yonanas machine to be the perfect solution to get my son to eat a variety of healthy fruits.

But then I got to thinking of other creative ways to use my new Yonanas machine. I’m an amateur mixologist, so of course I decided to test some cocktail recipes.

I got some frozen peaches and cucumbers and decided to take a stab at recreating a Pimm’s Original Cocktail with a frozen twist.

I froze some peaches, strawberries, cucumber and mint and mixed them all in my Yonanas machine. Then, I mixed 50-50 lemonade and Pimms into a martini glass, and I scooped a spoonful of the frozen mix into it. The result: delicious!
DSC_0008It was crazy good.

With a Yonanas machine, the possibilities are endless. I know that I can offer Dylan a much healthier alternative to ice cream by choosing fruits that are organic and low in sugars. He loves it. And mommy loves it too!

I found the machine very easy to use, and the clean up was a breeze. With only a few parts to clean, washing up takes merely seconds.


You can purchase your own Yonanas machine online, for as little as $49.


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