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A true Taste of Mexico Right Here in Vancouver

 I thought I was dreaming at first, but no.. I have found THE BEST tacos in Vancouver! Located at 322 W Hastings St. There is this tiny restaurant with a huge attitude. And trust me, it is well deserved. Its not hard to find.. simply look out for THE HUGE painting of the Virgen de Guadalupe in the front. (don’t what I’m talking about? shame on you! look it up)
The restaurant entrance is so tiny, and the restaurant is not very impressive. Bar sitting mostly. Not a lot of artwork. No paper menus. Their entire fare is written on a blackboard on top of the grill. And don’t make an ass out of yourself by asking for fajitas, or chilles rellenos… no, this place only makes tacos. Although I think I saw a lone quesadilla dish somewhere…
You can buy the four taco combo for $9.50 or individually for $2. I started with the Carnitas taco (pork confit served with pickled onions) The pork was so moist, it just melted in your tongue. I followed that one with the Pastor tacos (pork marinated in achiote, chilly and pineapple) by now my taste buds are singing la cucaracha and doing the Mexican hat dance. But then, then I encountered the most magnificent, amazing, most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen (and eaten) their Pollo con Mole taco is by far a culinary feat of massive proportions: its chicken in three chilli chocolate mole sauce! I’m not kidding! chicken! chocolate! its delicious!
They also have vegetarian and vegan options, cause they’re nice guys. No really, they are. All their food is local and organic based, and their meats are free range.
So the moral of the story? come to La Taqueria, eat some tacos, be good to the planet. Green never tasted this good!
You can find them on twitterverse @lataqueriaYVR
or website
or facebook La Taqueria Taco Shop

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  1. I haven’t been at this place yet, but after reading this i might, just to either agree with you or stay with what for me are the best tacos in Vancouver so far… the tacos at El Rinconcito Salvadoreño,… yes, yes I know is not a Mex restaurant, but try them if you haven’t.



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