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Everyone has a secret that would break your heart… if you knew what it was


I had the opportunity to go to the PostSecret event at UBC last Friday. The Chan Centre was packed with people waiting to hear Frank Warren speak. Frank is a self-proclaimed “collector of secrets” and creator of the popular PostSecret blog.

What started as an art project has now become a world-wide phenomenom, with thousands of people visiting every Sunday for a glimse of the postcards that Frank collects.

My favorite part of the evening was when Frank opened the floor to the public and asked if anyone in the audience had any secrets they wanted to share.

One by one people stepped up to the mike, and shared their stories, ranging form the hilarious to the heart-breaking:

” The only reason why I didn’t kill myself when I was thirteen it was because I wanted to see how the Harry Potter saga would end”

“I hope my boss isn’t here tonight – I work at a lumberyard and I give away hundreds of dollars worth of lumber to a contractor for $25 worth of weed a week”

“I am 40 years old and I’ve never had a girlfriend”

I think the reason why this site is so popular its because it allow us not only to share but also to connect to others – and find the humanity within all of us.


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