Circle farm tours

One gorgeous sunny, summer day, my husband Jake and I decided to go for a little ride. There is so much organic food grown locally in BC,  that we decided to check out some of the great farms and wineries here in the Fraser Valley. Students earning bachelor degrees online in environmental science or biology may be especially interested in seeing all that the Fraser Valley has to offer.

We started with Wellbrook Winery –  a charming, 55-acre heritage farm located in Ladner. Wellbrook is well-known for their fruit wines. I had the opportunity to try three of them – the cranberry, peach, and white cranapple. Their cranberry wine is fantastic,  sweet with a slightly tart finish. Perfect for those turkey holiday meals.

After our delightful wine tasting we moved on to Westham Island, where we sampled some great wines at the Westham Island Estate Winery. Their blueberry wine was great – but aside from great fruit wines, they have a fantastic selection of fine, local cheeses  – Little Qualicum Cheeseworks wide selection includes Island Brie, Spice, Monterey Jill, Bleu, and Sunshine Feta.

We continued our tour at the Westham Island Apiary where we tried over eight varieties of honey, including blueberry, raspberry, dandelion,  buckwheat, blackberry, wildflower, pumpkin, and alfalfa. Farm owner Gail Cameron was very friendly and answered all our questions. I bought two kinds of honey: the dandelion (which has a clean, almost greeny taste) and the blueberry (it almost taste like blueberry syrup!)

Finally, we ended our day at the Westham Island Herb Farm – where they sell fresh produce and herbs picked from the field daily. They are open to the Public 9:00 am to 5:00 pm from  May 1 until October 31. We were in luck, not only did we buy some amazing organic garlic and zucchini, we came across some freshly caught king prawns.

Once we got home we called a couple of good friends and we feasted on what we bought – I made zucchini cacciatore, honey garlic prawns. I tell you, green never tasted so good!


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  1. Jake says:

    Actually I made the honey garlic spicy lemon prawns.

    Give me credit where credit is due… :)


    1. Mary Sheridan says:

      Sorry Jake, you’re right – everybody, Jake made the prawns and they were delish.


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