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Sarina’s (Mis)Adventures in Online Dating

(post courtesy of @sarinahanginout, and yes, she does have her own blog here at, follow her, she’s awesome!)
From one single lady to another. OMG ! Do I hate having to date? Yes I do. Don’t you wish it was just as easy as pie? I am one of those daters that have been happily single for quite some time.

So here I am venturing on to the online dating world. It’s not the first time I will be an online dater. It can be a good place to get you started, to get you to work on your dating skills. Because let me tell you – Girlfriend! I got no dating skills. I was going thru a list in my head of all the kinds of men I have dated in the past and they all have the same things in common. Not the one. We all fall for this myth that the one is out there.

So since he is out there and can’t seem to find me. I am going to try to find him via the internet. No no, I’m not stalking anyone. I’m looking for that one guy; you know the one that just seems to get me. The one guy where I can be completely and totally honest about who I am, what I am, is crazy gaga over me. No not crazy over Lady Gaga, that’s cool if he likes her music but if he wants to be her – 2nd date I’m thinking in my head.
I have tried 3 “dating sites” Lava life, plenty of fish, E Harmony.

Honestly, none of them better than the other. I know what you are probably thinking, but I’ve seen the commercials on TV of the happy couple. You know what I say to that — Get new couples!!!!. You have been using the same couples for a few yrs now. I guess the only real thing I can honestly say about these sited, you take what you put into it and you take what you put up with. It is easy to tell a jerk online to off because all you need to do is block.

Tips on dating online or just plain in real life: Know what you want, be honest with who you are talking to, and be honest of who you are. Don’t pretend to be anything that you are not because you think you aren’t good enough. Everyone on these sites are on the for the same reason you are. To find someone. You decide what you are looking for, dating, relationship, booty calls, and one night stands. Take a bit of control and know what you are looking for.
I went out with this one guy this one time, and he seemed cool. Not really my type (physically) but he insisted that we meet, that he liked me and we had some good conversations so I was like..Ok why not, I might like him when we see each other. I can’t stress to you how important it is to be honest! We decided that we were going to go grab a cup of coffee and go for a walk around this lake in my home town. I got to the park and I parked my car, and waited for him to show. When he showed up in his huge monster truck (I already knew – not really my type – kind of redneck but still I kept positive, who knows he might be cool) I see him get out and walk towards me, I knew it was him I recognized his face. But the expression on my face when he stared walking towards me was priceless. I should have been warned!! He had one leg, I was so confused for a split of a second and I could just not recover from my expression. How embarrassing. I was embarrassed. The first thing he said to me was do you want to leave now? We can end this date right now. I didn’t want to seem like yeah I’m creeped out because you only have one leg. But I was embarrassed about how I reacted. I already knew before we met that he was not the one, but he wasn’t even Mr. right now either. After my facial expression it was safe to say that the date was kind of over a disaster from the beginning, he became a bit of a jerk, not as funny as he seemed and he kept on dwelling over how I reacted. I told him; well it would have been nice to have been warned instead of me coming off as insensitive.
Oh my online dating woowerz! There also was the coke addict guy, the guy that stole my roommates camera, the steroid monkey with no self esteem. There was this other guy, again very smart, funny and nice. The only thing missing was to see if there was any chemistry when you meet in person. He sent me picture and I was like..oohh…cute! Of course when I met him in person. Mmmm….my facial expression priceless! First of all his pictures were old!!! I mean really old, he was about 10 yrs older. Again, I didn’t want to come off as an insensitive bitch – But I look back now and I think…wait a minute. It’s not my fault, he did not represent himself as honestly as he should have. My question is, why would you not tell someone you are really 45 when you are pretending to be 30 – DO YOU THINK I WONT NOTICE THE WRINKLES? Not cool


So my only world of advice for online dating. Be HONEST! And stay positive, I heard from a friend of mine that this girl she knows her cousin met her husband on an online dating site…(haha)
Wish me luck on my date tonight :D

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