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ShuRaku Sake Bar and Bistro

Oh ShuRaku… how do I love thee? let me count the ways…

it’s not just your fantastic atmosphere, your wood accents and your fantastic lighting.

It’s not just your great service, your attentive servers and skilled bartenders.

It’s not just your AMAZING and innovative rolls, oh, its more than that…

it’s the fresh produce that you use, the way you can mix ingredients and make them taste like a party in your mouth.

It’s the way you create shrimp gyoza and make every bite taste like heaven.

If you’re ever in the Granville – Robson St. area, you have to try this restaurant. If you’re visiting Vancouver and you only have time to check out ONE sushi restaurant, this is the one you must try.

And this is the stuff you have to order:

Start with their shrimp gyoza appetizer – prawn and chicken dumplings served with a tasty sauce. Perfect for sharing.

Follow that with their exquisite beef asparagus – asparagus spears wrapped in thinly sliced BBQ beef served hot and covered in tangy teriaki sauce. Somehow the folks at ShuRaku manage to keep the asparagus crispy and juicy underneath the pipping hot beef.

After that, you have to try at least two of their signature rolls: My two favorites are The Godfather Roll ( cucumber, avocado and cream cheese topped with mango slices and prosciutto ham and capers with kiwi sauce and balsamic vinagrette) and the Enchanted Forest Roll ( avocado, asparagus, celery kinpira and carrot topped with tempura eggplant and slices of jalapeno pepper with miso infused mayo). They’re to die for.

Also don’t forget to check out their extensive Sake menu – I recommend the Sake Flight –  for $16 you get to try three of their most popular sakes. And the staff at ShuRaku are always willing to offer suggestions that will compliment your meal perfectly.

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