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MaryinVancity and the mystery of the never-ending social Media journey

This is my last blog post for my social media class.
I’m very sad to see it end. There is so much information out there and I was just starting to make sence of it all. By the way, if any of you are considering taking a social media class, I recommend taking anything that Kemp Edmonds is teaching. He’s a pretty phenomenal instructor. My only regret is that the class is much too short. There is so much information cramped into it. It should be 12 weeks instead of 6.
What did I learn? I learned that I don’t know anything at all. Social Media is a living organism and it continues to grow. If you’re hoping to have a future working in this medium, you have to be open to change, you have to be humble with your knowledge and be open to learn from others. I am also becoming more selective with the information I share online. I think as a society we are becoming more open, or rather allow our online personalities to take over our real lives. Its hard to achieve a balance between online and offline, but I think its very important to try to achieve that balance.
I love Social Media, and I will continue to write, tweet, Facebook as long as I can. I am also getting excited about some of the new technologies coming up, as well as the changes to the mediums we use the most. Like I said, get used to it, because next year we might be talking about a whole new ball game.

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