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100 Nights

When I heard that Elixir was closing down, I almost cried.

I loved Elixir. I loved their menu, their wine list, everything about it. So when I heard that my favourite restaurant was being replaced by graffiti art and picnic tables, I was, well, mad.

Hence me being away for so long.

Doing some shopping in Yaletown the other day, I walked by Opus and finally decided to give 100 Nights a try. I was a little nervous. The first thing to greet me was a graffiti-style portrait of Davie Bowie, followed by the sounds of Euro Pop, circa 1986.

Dear god, what had I gotten myself into?

Everything changed when I was greeted by a friendly server –  I asked to be seated at my favourite spot by the window.  I loved their lunch menu. Everything from burgers to pasta and soups and salads. Very down to earth, very reasonable prices.

One of the things I loved about Elixir was their wine list. I was glad to see that 100 Nights keeps an excellent list. I ordered a glass of  the German Riesling. For $10 a glass it’s a good value.

I order the  chicken parmigana sandwich ($12) chicken breast, a lovely tomato sauce, basil leaves, and mozzarella cheese. It was delicious! The basil gave the chicken a sweet taste.  Loved every bite. I paired the sandwich with their soup of the day, which was a tomato based soup that both sweet and tangy. Very yummy.

My second favourite part of the meal was dessert – I had their giant cookie dessert. It comes in an iron skillet still baking hot from the oven. ohhh was it ever good.

It came with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top and it has to be tasted to believed.

Overall I enjoyed my visit to 100 Nights. I think I need to come in for dinner to fully appreciate the experience. I will make sure to come back.

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