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I took a lot of pictures for this post. That’s because Azia offers such a variety of dishes, that I just had to try a little bit of everything. Truly this restaurant has something for everyone.

Located next door to the ScotiaBank Theatre Downtown Vancouver, it’s a perfect place to go for a bite to eat before or after a movie.

When you walk in, the decor is very modern – lots of wood and dark accents. They have plasma screens by the bar. Do not be fooled by the modern look of Azia – there’s a lot of tradition and depth to its menu.

We started with the Green Papaya/Mango Salad ($10) It came with a very tangy Thai dressing. From all the dishes we tried that night, this was my least favourite one.. I found the dressing too over powering and there wasn’t enough of either the papaya or the mango to make a difference in the taste. My suggestion? don’t order it unless you’re sharing it with someone.

That being said, the rest of the meal was absolutely sublime!

We shared the Sockeye Sashimi – such delicious, firm and flavourful pieces of salmon – lovely presentation.

After that, we shared the Assorted Dim Sum Platter ($10) with prices like this, why wouldn’t you keep eating? The platter consisted of nine dumplings, three of each – shrimp,Shanghai and pork. Their Shanghai dumplings were amazing. They came with three different sauces for dipping – ginger vinegar, honey mustard and a spicy hot sauce. Perfect pairings.

One thing that you must try – The Ebi Chilly Mayo ($10) So yummy. And such attention to detail – the Shrimp’s tails had been cut off for easier eating, and the crispy mushroom that comes with it was to die for.

I must say that for appetizer tapas, their menu is very affordable and the portions are quite generous!

One of their signature dishes is the Evil Jungle Green Curry ($13.95) I had mine prepared with chicken. It was very good and the asparagus were a nice touch. The curry was thick and you can taste a mild hint of coconut. Once thing thought: it doesn’t come with rice, so if you must, order the rice on the side. I recommend the coconut rice, it comes wrapped in a banana leaf.

We also tried one of their signature rolls: The Mighty Atom Roll ($10.25) BBQ eel, avocado, crab, tempura prawn, cucumber
and tobiko. Wow. it was outstanding! and again, I was impressed with the portion size.

Oh, and we shared the coconut crepe for dessert.

Overall, what can I say? I was impressed. There are so many good things about this restaurant. Loved the food, loved the service. Loved the prices.

Follow them on twitter: @iloveazia

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