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Aldo’s Pasta Bar

Steps from Columbia Skytrain, there’s a little pasta bar named Aldo’s.  It’s been there for what it seems like forever. It’s not a very fancy place, but if you’re looking for good, simple, uncomplicated Italian dining, you’ve found it.

For the quality and the quantity, the prices are moderate. I lucked out because I saw an ad on The Newspaper Leader featuring their pastas for half price if you order a glass of wine. Wine + pasta = happy Mary.

I had a glass of Rosso Giacondi & Velletri ($7) with my pasta.  I ordered the Spagetti Cardinale with Marinara and Cream Sauce. It’s regular $14 but with my discount it came to $6.95. Not a bad deal.  I also order the Italian Meatballs –  For only $2 extra you get two large meatballs with your pasta, and I do recommend them.

For dessert I order the homemade Tiramisu. It was ok –  but I’ve had much better. Still, it was a simple and satisfying meal.

I liked this restaurant! It’s very old fashioned Italian – It’s a family-run business and it has a very homey feel to it.
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