The Met Bar & Grill

The Met Bar & Grill is all you expect a neighborhood pub to be. Laid back and casual. It features a large bar and screens to watch sports in. There’s pool tables and a large patio. When I went there, there were many locals just hanging out and enjoying a drink or two. A regular, normal, neighborhood pub.

Except for the food. Sure their menu has your regular pub fare: Calamari, burgers, pizzas etc. What grabbed my attention was their daily specials. I was there on a Thursday, so I ordered the Prime Rib Dinner with Yorkshire Pudding ($12).  I was told that this special goes very fast, and I can see why.

The prime rib was one of the best I’ve ever had! I am not exaggerating folks, this was one   fine, fine piece of meat. It was slow roasted to perfection, and so juicy and moist, it literally melted in your mouth. I’ve never had prime rib that good.

Not only was the portion generous, it came with two sides (mashed potatoes and corn) and a tasty Yorkshire pudding that was so buttery and light – I am drooling as I write this, it was that good.

I won’t lie, The Met dropped the ball on the sides, as I’m sure that the corn came out of  a can and the mashed potatoes were not very inspiring, but I am willing to forgive all that for a taste of that Prime Rib again. By the end of my meal I’ve eaten everything, and it took all my willpower not to lick the plate clean.

I should mention that my server Stephanie, was the best server I ever had. Not only was she a numerology psychic (yes, psychic), when it came to anticipating my every need, she was very knowledgeable, and even thought she had her hands full, I saw her making an effort to be personal with all her tables. This is what I mean about dining out should be an experience.

I will be coming back to try out more of their daily specials, as I am intrigued by this place. Do not judge a book by its cover folks, The Met Bar and Grill offers more than meet the eye. Follow them on Twitter @MetBarGrill

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