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Carver’s Steakhouse

There are very few things in live as sublimed as a good steak. Carver’s Steakhouse was created to bring the Downtown steakhouse  experience to Richmond. May I be as bold as to suggest that they have succeed it?

I think the dining experience can be amplified by adding good company and great conversation. I was lucky enough to have dinner with my favorite food writer,  Richard Wolak. Richard,  in my opinion, is one of the best food bloggers in the city. So when he says a place is worth checking out, a place is worth checking out!

We started with a taste of the Cheviche with Scallops cooked in lemon. It was very good, the fish was flakey  and the presentation was lovely.

We shared two salads and two appetizers to start:  The Carver’s Salad (Spinach,  romaine lettuce, Blue cheese dressing, bacon,hard boiled eggs and Cherry tomatoes) was delicious and very flavourful, but a tad heavy for an appetizer, it could’ve been a meal in itself. If you order it, order it to share. The Asparagus & Arugula Salad (arugula, asparagus,sun dried tomatoes, almonds, parmesan cheese on a lemon herb vinaigrette) was perfectly-balanced, and was large enough to share and it had a great presentation.

For our first appetizer we had the Tempura Calamari & Shrimp (Asparagus, Red pepper, Jalapenos, Lemon chipotle aioli, and Tzatziki sauce). It was a great appetizer.  The tempura had a crispiness to it, and combined with the tenderness of the squid and the shrimp, it was a great combination.  I usually don’t like calamari, but this was tender and not very chewy. It was delicious.

Finally, we had the Pacific Shrimp and Dungeness Crab Cake (Soy reduction, Pineapple salsa). They were good, but compared to the quality and the portion of the salads, they were small and a tad bland.

Carver’s is famous for its steaks –  They aged them for a minimum of 28 days and marinate them for a week with their secret blend of spices, so we knew that we had to try them. For our main course we had the 7oz Filet Mignon. It was so tender and juicy. Every bite just melted in your tongue. I had mine medium rare and it was cooked to perfection. It came with scallop potatoes and seasonal vegetables. I found the 7 oz portion to be plentiful, but you can order a 10 oz version of it if you’re hungry enough.

They have a set menu that I think it’s worth checking out. For $38 The menu at Carver’s Steakhouse includes 3 courses. for $14 you can add a wine pairing and I highly recommend it. Their wine pairing with our meal was impeccable.

Another neat thing: Instead of salt brought to your table, they bring out Bolivian Rock Salt – it looks like a crystal and they shave it  right in front of you.It’s lower in sodium and better for you. It’s a nice touch.

You can follow Carver’s Steakhouse on twitter: @CarversSteak 

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