Wonderful and Wacky Fair Food awaits at the PNE

The nice folks at the PNE invited me to try out some of the new treats available this year. With the fair in full swing this weekend, why not try some of them for yourself? We’ll start with the item everyone is talking about: The deep fried strawberry pop tart. This is the first year this item is available at the PNE. You can find this tasty morsel at the Pennsylvania Dutch Funnelcakes stand. It’s basically a strawberry pop tart, covered in funnel cake batter, (which is less oily than regular batter and it takes less time to cook) deep-fried and then coated with crispy fruity pebbles. It’s then topped with whipped cream. One of these will set you back $5.

Now a visit to the fair wouldn’t be complete without a hotdog. This year, the PNE Crazy Dogs stand is taking this classic to a whole new level! They have a menu of amazing and unique hotdog dishes for you to enjoy, such as The Mac Cheesy (macaroni and cheese, fried onions and green onions. It comes in a pretzel bun, and it’s covered in white cheddar mac and cheese). So yummy. Another good dog to try out is the Surf’s Up Dog topped with crispy popcorn shrimp and chipolte coleslaw and cilantro, this dog is bursting with flavour and it was my favourite. There is also the Unroutine Poutine Dog –  which is poutine with a twist. A hot dog covered with french fries, cheese, gravy and bacon bits.

And last, but not least, we have the Double Dare Ya Dog –  this monster is 2-foot long and topped with a pound (a whole pound) of chile con carne, green onions, bacon bits, grilled peppers and cheese sauce. This hot dog is so massive, you get a special badge if you can eat it all by yourself!

There’s also the first annual Rib Festival happening on September 2nd at Celebration Plaza. Six award-winning BBQ masters will compete for the title of best BBQ. You can purchase a ticket to taste the entries and later text in your vote for the People’s Choice Award.

Of course you can still get your fair favourites at the PNE, the mini doughnuts, candy apples, rootbeer… all that good stuff. With so many food choices, it’s perfectly clear that the PNE is still, after all these years, the best part of summer!

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  1. that mac n cheese dog and the surfs up dog look pretty good. I’m not sure about a deep friend pop tart – sounds kind of too sweet and greasy!


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