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Hakkasan Contemporary Chinese Cuisine 客家人

Hakkasan Restaurants in tucked away in the industrial part of Richmond. (Odd place for a restaurant) For us, this was our destination, but it would be easy for someone to miss it if you’re just driving by. The good news? plenty of free parking!

Hakkasan offers authentic Chinese cuisine with a contemporary twist. The reason for the visit this day was to try out their famous seasonal tasting menus. The menus change with the seasons, and they range from 4 to 6 courses.  The menus range in price as well, from $36 to $118. It depends how fancy you wanna get.

The menu has a good amount of variety. If the tasting menus are not your cup of tea, there’s always the a la carte menu. They also have a fantastic wine list.

Some dishes that should be sampled are:

The wok-seared Kobe beef in black pepper – This is a house specialty. The beef is tender and juicy and the sauce is so thinck it’s almost like a gravy. It’s amazing. It comes with string beans and cauliflower and it’s one of Hakkasan’s signature dishes. Simply delicious.

The Steamed Lobster in Specialty Garlic the lobster is cooked in a special garlic sauce that has an amazing texture and taste. The garlic is not over powering either. It was very good.

The Hakka Salty Free-Range Chicken this is very traditional Chinese dish. The chicken is cured with salt, and it’s paired with Jasmine rice. Very good, and very salty.

One thing that I tried and it was not on the menu was the Tuna and Salmon Sashimi the fish was marinated in the most delicious soy-based sauce. It was the BEST sashimi I have ever tasted! I will come back to Hakkasan based on that sashimi alone.

Overall, this was a very enjoyable experience. I highly recommend the tasting menus, to get a good overall idea of how diverse the menu is. The service was attentive and precise. I would definitely come back again.

Follow them on twitter @Hakkasan_YVR

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