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Sea Monstr Sushi

Hail to Gastown – Mecca for Vancouver foodies.

I love how every time I’m in that neighbourhood I end up finding two or three restaurants that I want to try out.

This time it was girl’s night out and we were on the hunt for sushi. We ended up at this small joint called Sea Monstr Sushi. I’ve heard great things, so I was excited to try it out for the first time.

The restaurant is very small. It has a bar that seats approximately 12 people, plus 3 tables of four at the back. The decor is very minimal, and there are a lot of wood and brick accents that are the signature of the Gastown neighbourhood.

The menu is pretty straight forward – not a lot of fusion rolls, just back-to-basics good sushi. They use Oceanwise seafood, and their fish is fresh, aside from the wild sockeye salmon that’s flash frozen for health reason.

The wild sockeye salmon was a big sell for me. I personally don’t like the farmed stuff, I find it too mushy and the taste of the wild fish is so much better!

The portions are a bit smaller than other sushi restaurants, but they were big enough for me. Besides, it’s quality over quantity for me. I don’t mind paying a bit extra for something that taste better and is better for the environment. That’s how I roll. (Get it? roll? hahaha… I kill me).

Did I mention they have Sapporo beer on tap? Sapporo is my favourite beer! Cool thing about their draft beer: it comes in plastic cups, and when you drink all your beer, you find a fridge at the bottom of the cup! I asked about that, and they told me that it’s a new way to pour beer. This is amazing. Let me describe it to you:

Each cup has a hole at the bottom. The cup sits on the beer spout, the magnet shoots up the cup as the cup fills with beer, and once you stop filling, the magnet drops to the bottom sealing the hole. (This is so cool) That way there’s not a lot of head and you can pour a lot of beers at a time, without wasting any product because of over flow. I just really liked the magnet. I liked it so much that I took three home. I recommend going here just to see this.

If you’re looking for a good value, try their combos. For $10 I had a small portion of their excellent chicken Terriyaki Don, ebi, salmon and tuna sushi, miso soup and four pieces of California roll. Can’t even find a cocktail that cheap in Downtown Vancouver!

Another great eat is the chopped scallop maki ($4.50) Scallops so fresh, they melt in your mouth. Also try the ebi roll ($6.50) tempura crumbs, prawn, tobiko, lettuce and sprouts.

One last thing: try the maguro nigiri. ($2 per piece). Their tuna is amazing. I usually don’t like tuna, but here, I ended up ordering three extra pieces, it was that good. The taste was amazing, and the consistency, was melt in you mouth good.

Overall, we left Sea Monstr feeling full and satisfied. Our server was a sweetheart, she was very attentive, refilling our glasses with water and tea. She was also very friendly, and she answered all our questions about the menu (and the beer pouring).

Next time I’m here, I will try their anchovy potato salad. It’s supposed to be amazing. Follow them on twitter @seamonstrSushi

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