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Have I mentioned lately how much I love Gastown? This neighbourhood is my food mecca. Every time I look around, there’s another great restaurant to try!

So, this time around, my friend Sean and I felt like pizza. We ended up at Incendio. Sean took all the pictures for this post.

I love the brick building and the open kitchen concept. They have a huge brick oven that warms the whole restaurant. We got here around 8pm and the place was still busy.

We got seated right away by a very pleasant hostess. Our waitress came shortly after and asked for our drink order. I ordered a very nice South African Shiraz ($8) from their wine list and Sean had a draft beer.

We started with the Meatballs ($7) appetizer. It comes with three large meatballs (perfect for sharing) in this delightful tomato sauce. The meatballs are baked in the brick oven and  are covered with Mozzarella cheese. They were so good! The meat was a tad dry, but it was ok, because there was so much sauce. I think it’s a good thing that they were a bit dry because that way they didn’t fall apart when you try to eat them with all that sauce.

Each table is offered some focaccia bread to start. It’s fantastic bread! I’s not like any other focaccia I’ve ever had – It’s chewy and warm and so delicious. It also comes with balsamic vinegar and olive oil for dipping. The first order is complimentary, but extra bread will cost you $1.25 extra per piece, and it’s definitely worth it. 

For dinner we ordered three different pizza’s, each of them cost $14.99 for a small and $23.99 for a large:

The Margherita pizza had basil, mozzarella and tomato. The basil was baked right in with the cheese, which allowed the flavour of the basil to steep right in. It was very tasty, although it would’ve been nice if they added some fresh basil on top for extra flavour.

Capricciossa – Ham, pepperoni, artichokes, mushrooms and olives – I found the artichokes bits were too big. They needed to be cut into smaller pieces. This pizza was full of flavour and very filling. A “small” is all you need for two people really. There’s a lot of toppings on this pizza. 

Carnivore – like the name says, this is a meat lovers pizza! – Chorizo, pepperoni, prosciutto, and ham. Again, a very filling pizza with lots of toppings.

Overall, I found this place quite good. The portions are good and the price is right. Our server was sassy without being rude,(and a Canucks fan!)…which I liked. She was good at making sure we had everything we needed.

Follow them on twitter @incendiopizza

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