Capstone Tea & Fondue

who doesn’t love fondue? All that melted cheese… yum. What’s better than melted cheese? Melted chocolate!

A good place to have fondue is Capstone Tea & Fondue.

There are several fondues to choose from. For our outing we chose the Cheese Fondue for Two ($22.95). The type of cheese they use is a blend of emmental and cream cheese. This combination makes the fondue less stringy and it allows it to stick to the bread better.

I wouldn’t say this was traditional fondue. But it was tasty and I enjoyed our cheese fondue. It came with a variety of puff pastries, breads and vegetables (Even grapes). There were four of us and we order two servings. There was plenty to be had.

We also tried the chocolate Fondue for Two ($22.95). This was a mix of semi-sweet and dark chocolate. It came with a variety of fruits as well as some cake and rose cookies for dipping. It also came with ice cream! Small, bite size pieces of ice cream perfect for dipping.

Once you dip on the soft chocolate, it would harden, making them perfect ice cream truffles! The fondue also came with an assortment of dry toppings (nuts, sprinkles, coconut shavings) It was a lot of fun trying different combinations (and a little messy too).

We also tried some of their drinks. They have a variety to chose from: I had a cup of their Organic Rooibos Green Tea ($4.45). I found the price a little high for a cup of tea. It was good, but not 5 bucks kindda good. Also no refills.

We also had the Sparkling Blueberry Fruit Tea ($5.25) It came garnished with a variety of fruits and it’s extra sweetened with their own original jasmine syrup.

For $5.45 you can try one of their Tea Frappes  – Iced fruit tea mixed with milk. We tried the Pina Colada and the Matcha Banana. My companions enjoyed  their drinks. Specially the Matcha Banana.

I found the service to be a tad slow for my taste. They were pleasant enough, but I found that we had to ask for a lot of things (water refills, extra napkins, the bill). The restaurant wasn’t too busy, and there were three servers on duty.

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