Las Coronas Mexican Restaurant

Jake and I took advantage of the rising loonie a few weeks back, and we headed to The States for a shopping trip.

on our way to Seattle, we stopped in Arlington for a bite to eat. I love coming to Washington! They have great Mexican food here, and that was exactly what we were in the mood for.

We decided to try out a small restaurant called Las Coronas (The Crowns). The restaurant is not too large, and the decor is your usual Mexican restaurant. (Bright colours, sombreros, pinatas, etc).

We were seated right away, and we were served some salsa and chips. I could tell the chips were fresh, but I didn’t care too much for the salsa. I like my salsa Pico de Gallo style (fresh). This salsa was tasty, but watery.

One thing I noticed is that most people eating at the restaurant were speaking Spanish. It’s a good sign when you see the locals eating at the place you’re eating.

We ordered the fajitas and the chimichanga/enchilada combo. Each plate cost $10 and the portions are ridiculously huge! My meal could’ve easily been 2 dinners, and Jake’s easily three!

The food was good, the salsa roja for the enchilada was very tasty, and not too spicy, but flavourful. The chimichanga wasn’t over fried and the meat was tender and juicy.

The fajitas were the best dish, they were simply amazing. The vegetables were crispy and not over cooked, and the chicken was seasoned on a very tasty marinade. The meat was juicy beyond believe. And did I mentioned the portions? Each meal came with refried beans, Mexican rice, sour cream and a very tasty guacamole.

I had the horchata to drink – it was good, but a little watered down. The good news? Free refills!

We would’ve loved to have dessert, but we couldn’t even finish our meals. Both of us had to take a good part of them to go. This restaurant gives you excellent value for your money.

Las Coronas on Urbanspoon

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