Sfinaki Taverna

Greek food, who doesn’t love Greek food?

Located in Burnaby (Burnaby Heights to be exact), Sfinaki has been serving good food for around 15 years. You can’t be in business this long without doing a few things right. This Greek restaurant is owned and run by the Karass family.

It was my friend Tiffany’s birthday and she suggested this place. I’m always in for some good Greek, so off we went!

The place was very quite when we got there (around 5pm) and we were seated right away. The servers are very friendly and very accommodating! We were a group of 6 and we had so much catching up to do, our waitress was very patient with our orders, it took a bit of time for us to get settled in and ready to get our eats on.

We started with the Humus ($7) puree chickpea dip made with tahini, lemon and garlic and served with warm pita bread drizzled with olive oil. The portion was plenty to share and it was so good! Very tasty and nice and garlicky. I loved their pita bread, it was doughy, not hard like some places.

One of the house specialties is their Kleftiko ($17) shoulder of lamb marinated in their own blend of spices and herbs and oven baked. Hmmm… the lamb was so tender and it was perfectly seasoned. It just melted in your mouth. If you’re going to order one dish here, make sure you order the lamb.

Each entree comes with greek salad, rice and lemon potatoes and tzatziki sauce. The portions are very generous! There was plenty of food to make two meals out of the lamb.

Another thing I noted was the freshness of the food. Our salads were nice and crispy, and our pita bread was fluffy and warm. The entrees range from $16 to $22 – not cheap, but you do get a lot of food for your money. And quality. There are also smaller plates that range from $10 to $16. I ordered a chicken gyro sandwich for $12, and it was very good!

The menu has a nice variety – aside from Greek food, they also make pastas, and they also have vegetarian options.

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